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Olympic Style Classes

Competiton Team

Adrenaline takes sport Taekwondo to another level! Adrenaline is a premier USA Taekwondo club under the direction of USA National Team coach, Adriana Gonzales. Adrenaline has produced numerous State, National and International champions. Along with Texas State and National recognition, Team Adrenaline has medaled at Collegiate Nationals, US Open, Canada Open, USA Team Trials, Pan Am Open and G2 President's Cup. 


Sport Taekwondo Coaches at Adrenaline believe in innovative, modern and sports science training that will take you to your best performance!

Robert Austin Mar Adrenaline Canada Open
Vivian Weinman Canada Open Adrenaline Taekwondo
Adriana Gonzales Taekwondo Muju World Championships
Adrenaline Taekwondo Jade Jones
Robert Austin Mar Presidents Cup Vega
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